FUTURE MEGAGAMES - 2017 Calendar

Location / Date
Barricades & Borders - A megagame of development and conflict in a 19th century world Brian Cameron

London - 3rd June 2017

Urban Nightmare : State of Chaos - Introducing the first (so far as we know) multi-venue Wide Area Megagame
Jim Wallman

London : Leeds : Cambridge : Southampton : Bristol : Birmingham : Nijmegen : Brussels : New York : Texas : Montréal - 1 July 2017

Crisis in Elysium - Political, Military and Economic Science Fiction megagame set on a futuristic Mars. Alex Beck
London - 2 September 2017
Red Dawn? - The Centenary Megagame of the Russian Civil War Bernie Ganley
London - 21 October 2017
Undeniable Victory - The Megagame of the Iran-Iraq War Ben Moores
London - 18 November 2017
Megagames Elsewhere
Location / Date
Pennine Megagames: www.penninemegagames.co.uk/
Everybody Dies Harder - Based on the book 'A Song of Ice and Fire', players will represent the great houses as they battle for power, prestige and territory across Westeros.
by Becky Ladley
Manchester, 22 April 2017
French Invasion of Ireland, 1796 - a Napoleonic what if?
By Rupert
Leeds, 20 May 2017
Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos - A multi-venue crisis-management game of epic proportions.
Leeds, 1 July 2017
The Pirate Republic - A historical game but with a focus on swashbuckling and pirating of the most outrageous kind.
by John Sharp
Manchester, 20 August 2017
Still Not Over By Christmas - an Alternate History game about the war that never was, the Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany in the mid-1980s.
by Rob Cooper
Sheffield, 23 September 2017
The Last Romans - Justinian's Re-conquest of the West
by Paul
Manchester, 25 November 2017



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