Sometimes it is difficult to get an idea of how our megagames work in practice. So this section is a small library of past game handbooks and materials to give some context.

The best way to get the idea is to turn up to a megagame - but some of these materials might form a starting point for those who can't get to a game.

Most are all free, and for your enjoyment.  However, you mustn't resell or otherwise commercially use these materials - and if you use or publish elsewhere any of this material, please remember to credit the author, and note that even though they are free, where appropriate authors represented here retain copyright to the materials and game designs.

Complete MegaGame Briefing Pack To Buy
Watch The Skies! - complete megagame pack here.
Lost Youth - Vietnam Megagame - complete megagame pack here.
Crisis in Brittania - Roman invasion Megagame - complete megagame pack here.
Don't Panic - Alternate history - the megagame of Operation Sealion 1940 - complete megagame pack here.
The Megagame Briefing Free Downloads
Washington Conference - Game Handbook
Interesting Times - Game Handbook
Interesting Times - Player Briefing
Interesting Times - Map

Human Handbook - Watch The Skies 1
There is also the complete briefing and game materials for the Watch The Skies! megagame available from Jim Wallman for a small charge here.

Renaissance & Reformation 2 - Player Handbook
Renaissance & Reformation 2- Gazetteer
Renaissance & Reformation 2 - Game Atlas
Endgame 1943 - How To Play
Individual Clan Briefings
Master of Europe 3 - Player Handbook
At Right Angles to Reality - Player Handbook
Visit the Last War website for all manner of materials from Jim's WW2 megagames, Goodwood, Market Garden, War in the West etc.
Also this page for the Quadrant Zero SF megagame handbook
And here for Jim's Pirates of Yendor Megagame
The Guide for New Megagamers
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