LONDON, ANERLEY - Saturday 18th November 2017

CAST LIST: As at 17th November 2017

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accommodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

Team   Game Role
Team members (bold=paid in full / italics= deposit paid only / blue = yet to pay)
IRAN 1st Army Lt General - IRGC, Ali Khamenei, 1st Army Southern Front
Graham Clare
Major General, Esmaeil Sohrabi, 1st Corps
Alex Gabriel
Major General, Ali Shahbazi, 2nd Corps
Paul O'Connor
Major General - IRGC, Ali Shamkhani, 3rd Corps (IRGC)
Julian Fuller
2nd Army
Lt General, Mohamad Salimi, 2nd Army Central Front
Jonathan Ellison
Major General, Muhammad Ali Rajai, 4th Corps
John Concagh
Major General, Qasem-Ali Zahirnejad, 5th Corps
Nathan Concagh
Major General - IRGC, Rahim Safavi, 6th Corps (IRGC)
Tony Concagh
3rd Army
Lt General, Qasem Ali Zahirnejhad, 3rd Army Northern Front
Greg Moore
Major General, Hossein Hassani-Sadi , 3rd Corps

Harrison Tatem-Wyatt
Major General, Ali Sayyad Shirazi, 6th Corps
Nick Hare
Major General - IRGC, Hassan Rahmani, 9th Corps (IRGC)
Peter Coghill
Air Force
Air Marshal, Javad Fakouri, Air Force Headquarters
John Brindle
Colonel, Houshang Seddigh, Central and Rear Region Air Command
Duncan Lugton
Colonel, Mansour Sattari, Northern and Naval Air Command
Chris Brown
Colonel, Mohammad-Hossein Moinpour, Southern Air Command
Tom Mendelsohn
Admiral, Bahram Afzali, Naval Headquarters
Alasdair Scott
Captain, Ali Araki Hamadani , Naval Command
Michael Zorzella
Joint HQ
Joint Staff Commander, Valliolah Fallahi, Army Headquarters
Alex Beck
Head of Procurement, Momammad Borou-Jerdi, Headquarters Procurement
Tim Campbell
Finance Minister, Mehdi Bazargan, Council
Dan Fuller
First Minister, Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr, Council
Oliver Sliney-Biss
Foreign Minister, Sadeq Ghotbzadeh, Council
Bernie Ganley
Interior Minister, Ayatollah Montazeri, Council
Chris Chester
Procurement Minister, Mostafa Chamran, Council
Defence Minister, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Council David London
Infrastructure Minister, Mohzen Rezia, Council
Callum Howell
IRAQ 1st Army
Lt General , Abdallah Abdel Latif, 1st Army Southern Front
Fiona Nash
Major General, Abdul Jawad Dhanoun, 1st Corps
Charlie Gerstrom
Major General, Saadi Touma Abouri, 2nd Corps
Paul Kell
Major General, Saadi Al-Jaburi, 3rd Corps (Popular Army)
James Barber
2nd Army
Lt General , Maher Abd Al-Rashid, 2nd Army Central Front
Matthew Bambridge
Major General - Popular Army, Khaled Daoud Nader, 4th Corps (Popular Army)
Keith Wright
Major General, Tala Al-Duri, 5th Corps
Alan Martin
Major General, Mohammed Fathi Amin, 6th Corps
Anthony Lewis
3rd Army
Lt General - Popular Army, Taha Yassin Ramadan, 3rd Army Northern Front
Andrew Fergar
Major General - Popular Army, Hisham Sabah Al-Fakhri, 7th Corps
Chris White
Major General - Tikriti, Hussein Rashid Mohammed, 8th Corps (Republican Guard)
John Mizon
Major General - Tikriti, Ayad Futayyih Khalifa Al-Rawi, 9th Corps
Paul Comber
Air Force
Air Marshal, Mohamed Jessam Al-Jeboury, Air Force Headquarters
Tom Landels
Colonel, Alwan Hassoun Alwan Al-Abousi, Central and Rear Region Air Command
Andrew Sturman
Colonel, Georges Sada, Southern Air Command
Carl Waltenberg
Colonel, Hamid Shaban, Northern and Naval Air Command
Stuart Bailey
Admiral, Aladdin Hammad Al-Janabi, Naval Headquarters
Paul Boty
Captain, Aladdin Hammad Al-Janabi, Naval Command
Joint HQ
Joint Staff Commander, Abdel Jabar Assadi, Army Headquarters
Steve Switzer
Head of Procurement, Khaled Daoud Nader, Headquarters Procurement Adam Carpenter
Defence Minister, Abdoul Jabar Khalil Shamshal, Council
Chris Cooling
Finance Minister, Hassan Ali Amiri , Council
James Olver
First Minister, Izzt Ibrahim, Council
Christina Sliney-Biss
Foreign Minister, Tariq Aziz, Council
Richard Hands
Interior Minister, Sadoun Shakir, Council
Becky Ladley
Procurement Minister, Adnan Khairallah, Council Alex Vince
Infrastructure Minister, Adnan Khairallah, Council
Sam Watson
CONTROL TEAM   Game Control Ben Moores
Game Control 2 Rob Cooper

Air Power Control

Jerry Elsmore
Arms Control
Jim Wallman
Foreign powers control
Neil Ashdown
HQ Control
Tom Hayllar
Iran Council Control
James Kemp
Iraq Council Control
Dave Boundy
Naval Control
Jonathan Pickles
Central Operational Control
Andrew Hadley
Northern Operational Control
Paul Sharpe
Southern Operational Control
Nick Luft

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