A Megagame of Spanish Hegemony 1565-1585

By Ben Moores

London - 16th July 2016

Are you of nobility, royalty or a banker, a military or religious leader seeking to serve your country, your religion or perhaps just your own selfish ends? Will you manage your lands, balance state funds, and engage in international diplomacy in the political sphere? Or debate reforms and convert the masses as a religious leader? Perhaps you prefer to seek glory in battle, amass wealth as a high seas privateer, and possibly even found a new country? Maybe you prefer to stay in the shadows, as the power behind the throne. Meanwhile religious extremism thrives and traditional loyalties are breaking down. Can you trust your fellow countrymen? Or will you find yourself murdered by fanatics?


It is 1565 and the Hapsburg Empire reigns supreme. They have defeated French territorial ambitions, stopped the Ottoman onslaught and seen off the German Protestant rebellion. They own much of Europe through inheritance and claim most of the New World by Papal bull. But a legacy of debt, a renewed military challenge from the East and religious discord means that the empire need to arise once again if it is to continue to dictate the future of Europe.

"The Spanish Road" is a game about the religious and nationalist discord and geo-political challenges facing Spanish hegemony in Europe between 1565 and1585. The game will emphasise both international and domestic politics as leaders attempt to drive centralization and achieve religious conformity uniformity in the face of spiralling religious violence and international interventions. The game will cover the Dutch revolt, Elizabethan politics, French religious wars, new world piracy and battles for control of the Mediterranean.

The game will look physically similar to the "Renaissance and Reformation" mega game but the structure and mechanics will focus more on domestic challenges. "The Spanish Road" will use the card mechanics of "Successors", the decision making problems of "AD69" and the cross competing objectives of GMT's COIN games. This will overlap with the social paranoia of "Watch the Skies" and modern hidden role games to create a fun simulation of a major European turning point.

Where will the Spanish road lead?


Playable Countries
Holy Roman Empire
Electoral Palatinate
Spain and its Viceroys
Papal States
Ottoman Empire


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