A game set in early 16th century Europe amid the turmoil of the
renaissance and the reformation.

By Brian Cameron

London - 8th April 2017


This is the third run of this game (previously titled Renaissance & Reformation and last run in 2014) and little has changed in this version apart from simplifying some of the mechanics. The game design covers the 'big topics' of the period from 1524 to 1548:

The birth of the Protestant religion under the inspiration of Martin Luther. The Catholic Church sees this as a threat which must be crushed as soon as possible. In such religious times there are game mechanisms to ensure that 'good things happen to good people'. The less said about the alternative the better!
The struggle between the Holy Roman Empire (the German States which are ruled, more in theory than practice, by the Emperor) and France for mastery of Europe. The struggle is characterised by constantly shifting alliances and military campaigning. Much of the campaigning occurs in the Italian states. These states are variously claimed by both the Emperor and the King of France - claims fiercely resisted by the Italian rulers.
Marriage - often a form of alliance but the production of a suitable heir is of vital importance to a monarch. And if a marriage brings suitable advantages in terms of allies then so much the better. How many games do you play which offer the opportunity to marry and procreate (we are talking in game terms here)?
Diplomacy is a vitally important tool - often more so than military success - to win friends and allies, even if it is on the basis of the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'.
The menace of the Ottoman Empire as it seeks to expand into Europe.

A number of roles in the game bring conflicting loyalties - a prince of the empire may be a catholic or protestant, and independent ruler but also a member of the Holy Roman Empire.


Roles (Provisional)

DENMARK: Chancellor
King Frederick
ELECTORS OF THE EMPIRE: Albert, Prince-Bishop of Mainz
Count Palatine of the Rhein
Frederick III of Saxony
Hermann, Prince-Bishop of Cologne
King of Bohemia and Hungary
Margrave of Brandenburg
Richard, Prince-Bishop of Trier
Cardinal Wolseley
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
King Henry VIII
Thomas Cromwell
Guillaume de Bonnivet, Admiral of France
Jean du Bellay, Bishop of Bayonne
His Most Christian Majesty Francis I
Louise of Savoy, Queen Mother
Odet de Foix, Vicomte de Lautrec
Duke of Bavaria
Duke of Saxony
Margrave of Baden
Archduchess of Austria
Archduke of Austria
Emperor Charles V
Imperial Chancellor
Margaret of Austria
Viceroy of Spain and Naples
Alessandro de Medici, ruker
Condottiere in service of Florence
Francesco Sforza, ruler
Condottiere in service of Milan
Andrea Gritti, Doge
Condottiere in service of Venice
Margrave of Brandenberg-Ansbach
Margrave of Hesse
Prince of Anhalt
Grand Vizier
Keeper of the Porte
Cardinal Campeggio
Cardinal Capo
Cardinal Cajetan


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