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Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accommodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.
(Bold Type = paid in full)

Team Game Role
Team members
CITY HALL The Mayor : Rufus T Firefly Andy Clark
The Deputy Mayor : Mario E Tortellini Jack Evans
City Hall Press Officer : Harrison 'Smartass' Smith Maria Euler
City Hall Finance Director : Hiram Q Fitzenburger III Timothy Wood
Chief Judge : Henry M Jeffries Daniela Trestianu
POLICE HEADQUARTERS Comissioner : Patrick O'Hara Jevan Bryant
Deputy Comissioner : Wilton H Fisk James Kinman
Press Officer : Sgt Kent Clarkson Alex Vince

Central Precinct

Precinct Captain McDaniel Tes Matthews
Precinct Lieutenant Quinn Robin Sealey
Senior Sergeant Ise John Roberts
North Precinct
Precinct Captain Hess Brad Herring
Precinct Lieutenant Watkins Patrick Reckitt
Senior Sergeant Brennan Tomas Druburgh
East Precinct
Precinct Captain Holden Alex Dziedzan
Precinct Lieutenant Strickland Alex Pannett
Senior Sergeant Wu Stephen Scanlan
Northeast Precinct
Precinct Captain Diaz Alexander Wythecombe
Precinct Lieutenant Garrett Chris Cooling
Senior Sergeant Regan Simon Wang
West Precinct
Precinct Captain Horne Adam Sibson
Precinct Lieutenant Maynard Toby Austin
Senior Sergeant Castano Alex Gabriel

Northwest Precinct


Precinct Captain Chase Mario Conti
Precinct Lieutenant Cant Alexi Duggins
Senior Sergeant Rodriguez Jon Benny Benson

Regan's Boys

Boss : Jimmy 'Smart Shoes' Regan Ed Mendelsohn
Pugilist : Joey 'The Fist' Regan Ken Hay
Strong Arm : Big John Regan Tom Mendelsohn

City Shamrocks

Boss : Siobhan O'Brennan Victoria Heath
'The Priest' : Tom 'Father' Cassidy David Murcutt
Strong Arm : Kerry 'The Rock' Delaney Paul Murcutt

Sicilian Mafia

Boss : Lupo 'The Wolf' Falzone Robert William Murcutt
Boss's Daughter : Valentina 'Babyface' Falzone Tom Landels
Strong Arm : Gurrieri 'Knuckles' Castrogiovanni Adrian Noyce

Griežti Vaikinai

Boss : Daina 'Coldeye' Lupeikis Izzi Thomas-Davies
Boss's Sister : Estera 'Ballbreaker' Lupeikis Nicky Thomas-Davies
Strong Arm : Karl 'Mankiller' Varnas Bob Horton

El Hombres

Boss : Adolpho 'Gat' Garcia Ian Angus
Right Hand Man : Indro 'Romeo' Rodriguez Chris Brown
Strong Arm : Valien 'Untouchable' Hernandez Gareth Evans

Zhuanjia Shashou

Boss : Mr Chiang James Olver
Madame Boss : Madame Chiang Edward McDaniel
Wu Shu Expert : Jerry Chin
Matthew Bambridge

The Inbeda Gang

Mr Big : Akiyoshi Sama Dan Shaw
Mr Big's Personal Assistant : Ginsoku Buzen Jon Parry
Strong Arm: Kogeki Teki Tom Parry
  Chief Investigator Juan Maria Herrero
Investigator Maria Osa
Professor Emil Gargunza The Professor John Brindle
The Graduate Kim Critoph
Dr Arnim Zola The Doctor Matthew Roberts
Primus Edward Silverstone
Nikola Tesla The Scientist Alan Ford
"Igor" Dave Townsend
Edwin R. Scott The Inventor Ben Hirsh
Antonio Longoria Tim Campbell
Mr Vector The Great Man Paul Sharpe
  Vector's Minion Ken Evans
Baron Von Strucker The Baron Oliver Sliney
Werner von Strucker Lukas Euler
  Stuart Dingle
Becky Ladley
Dan Cope
Jason Armstrong
Hero By Night Christina Biss
CITY PRESS Editor in Chief Jameson Helena Nash
Determined Reporter Michael Bishop
Fearless Reporter Luca Kling
Freelance Photographer Jason Bardey
Control Team  
  Map Control (Lead) Jim Wallman
Map Control : West Paul Holman
Map Control : North West Greg Moore
Map Control : North East Zane Gunton
Map Control : East Andrew Hadley
Map Control : Central Ben Williams
Map Control : North Alex Beck
Weird Science Control (Lead) Rob Cooper
Weird Science Control Jerry Elsmore
Vigilante Control John Powney
Gang Politics Control (Lead) John Mizon
Gang Politics Control Jon Casey
Gang Politics Control Bruce Walton
City / State Political Control Peter Merritt
Game Control Brian Cameron

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