LONDON - Saturday 2nd September 2017

CAST LIST: As at 1st September 2017

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.



Team Game Role
Team members (bold=paid in full / / blue = yet to pay / italics = deposit only)
United States of Northern America (USNA)

Commander USNA Marine Expeditionary Force

Oliver Boardman

Deputy Commander USNA Marine Expeditionary Force

James Blair

USNA Marine Operational Commander - The Core

Daniel Fadil

USNA Marine Operational Cdr - Western Heights

Edward McDaniel

USNA Marine Operational Commander - Neo-Elyisum

Sheridan Sheridan

USNA Ambassador to Mars

Siv Sears

CIA Elysium Station Chief

Tom Snowden

European Union (EU) EU Special Envoy to Mars John Brindle
Commander, Martian Brigade Tom Mendelsohn
Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, The Core Dome Alex Norris
Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, Western Heights Dome Dan Shaw
Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, Neo-Elysium Dome Riccardo Fabris
EU Federal Intelligence, Martian Command Adam Sibson
Senior EU Diplomat, Martian Embassy Erin Lang
Greater Chinese Republic (GCR) GCR Consul Andrew Bultitude
Political Officer Alex Sheward
Commander, Martian Security Force Aven Rodriguez
Operations Officer, Martian Security Force Felix Duro
Deputy Commander, Martian Security Force Mambwe Chintu
Special Envoy to Elysium Rob Hughs
Federated States of India (FSI) Commandant FSI Commercial & Naval Spaceport Thomas Knight
Commander FSI Martian Naval Detachment Eszter Abonyi
Commander FSI Marines, Martian Detachment Russell Kent
Deputy Commander FSI Marines, Martian Detachment Tania Kolesnik
Military Attache, FSI Consulate Robert Bridgens
FSI Ambassador to Mars Tom Rattle
Red Mars Leader of Red Mars Chris Brown
Commander, Elysium City Cells Alex Woodrow
Commander, The Core Active Service Unit Simon Gridley
Commander, Western Heights Active Service Unit Steve Earle
Commander, Neo-Elysium Active Service Unit Oliver Cole
Head of Internal Security Tim Campbell
Green Mars Chair, Green Mars Political Council Richard Laverick
Deputy Chair, Green Mars Political Council Andrew Sturman
Commander, Elysium Regional Command Rachel Godfrey
Professor of Political Science, Mars University Duncan Smith
Neo-Elysium Terraforming Committee Chair Daniel Chiverton
"Free Mars" Political Liaison Richard Hands
Utopians Senior Representative, Utopian Campaign Coalition Johan Olofsson
Senior Spokesperson, Utopian Campaign Coalition Jevan Bryant
Direct Action Coordinator, Utopian Campaign Coalition James Moulding
Senior Comrade, Elysium Neo-Anarchists Collective Daniel James Sawyer
Leader, New Dawn Commune Alex McKeand
Leader, New Ares Mike Cameron-Smith
Commander, Martian Revolutionary Front Tim Case
One Humanity Chairman, Inner Council Darren Grey
Chief of Staff, Elysium Defense Force Chris Hardman
Commander, The Core Brigade Chris Crawford
Commander, Western Heights Brigade Jon Purkis
Commander, Neo-Elysium Brigade Paul Butterley
Head of Internal Security, Elysium Defense Force Tim Hall
The Church of the True Martians High Priest Dave Boundy
Deacon of the Blade David Lloyd
Leader of the Flock, The Core Tom Parry
Leader of the Flock, Western Heights Jerry Elsmore
Leader of the Flock, Neo-Elysium Chris White
The Martian Colonial Authority (MCA) Governor of Mars Becky Ladley
Mayor of Elysium Edvin Dubrovskiy
Chief of Elysium City Police Department (ECPD) Jamie Ganley
ECPD Operations Commander Core Dome Paul Sharpe
ECPD Operations Commander Western Heights Dome Ben Hirsh
ECPD Operations Commander Neo-Elysium Dome Andreas Christodoulou
Independent Politicians Speaker of the Martian Parliament Edgar Dubrovskiy
Member of Martian Parliament, Elysium Terraces Ward William Lakeman
Member of Martian Parliament, Ares Ward Wasim Juned
Member of Martian Parliament, Olympus Heights Ward Zane Gunton
Member of Martian Parliament, Campus Park Ward Les Newsom
Member of Martian Parliament, Under Elysium Ward Matthew Bambridge
Ares Security Commander & CEO Alec Milne
Commander, The Core Corporate Division Jon Parry
Commander, Western Heights Corporate Division Andrew Fergar
Commander, Neo-Elysium Corporate Division James Olver
Martian Daily News Editor Jack Evans
Political Correspondent Paul Holman
Security Correspondent Daniel Bürkle
CONTROL TEAM Game Control Alex Beck
Lead Map Control - The Core Christina Biss
Map Control - The Core Jim Wallman
Lead Map Control - Western Heights John Mizon
Map Control - Western Heights Alex Vince
Lead Map Control - Neo-Elysium Jonathan Pickles
Map Control - Neo-Elysium Simon Cornelius
Political Control Bernie Ganley
Lead Faction Control Andrew Hadley
Faction Control Greg Moore
Faction Control Oliver Sliney


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